Signs your business may be ready for a website

While you may not be able to afford (or need) a fully custom $2000+ budget website, most companies are ready for their own part of the internet before they realise it. Read on to discover the key signs your business may be ready for a website, and the quickest and cheapest ways to get there.

Chances are, if you are reading this checklist, you already know you need a website but can’t quite explain why… check out this list that may just give you the push you need to take your company to that next step.

  • Your Facebook page is looking crowded, and you aren’t able to detail your expanding list of services or products any more. Facebook pages might be fine while you are figuring out what it is exactly you want to sell, or which services you are offering, but pretty soon you are going to need to list these offerings in a more organised and easy to find manner. Leave Facebook to your marketing and reviews, and list everything else on your website.

  • – You can easily describe who your ideal client is. Once you have figured out who your ideal client is, having a website that speaks directly to them is going to make all of your marketing 10 x faster as you will have somewhere dedicated to send them too.

  • – You have a budget of $500 for your website. Thanks to our ready-to-go websites that remove any of the difficult custom coding that most agencies request, as well as the hard work that templates require from business owners, this cost is as low as it gets. However your company needs to be able to easily invest $500 without getting in to 

  • – You’re ready to strengthen your brand identity and look more professional.

  • – You feel like your DIY designs can only take you so far. and want to raise your prices and the perceived value of your brand.

    – You keep getting messages asking obvious questions like pricing, services, location or more photos. All of this information is easier to find on a website and will give you more time to respond to actual bookings or orders.

How many of these issues did you check off? If you recognised more than 3 of them, it might mean it’s time for you to up your game and start looking as professional as you are.

Not all companies need a fully custom website to present their services in the most professional, clear and succinct manner. With our ready-to-go websites in a week, all of the work is done for you including the site launch. Our 15+ years of experience has enabled us to deliver websites that best suit each industries needs, without requiring any custom work (or figuring out how to deal with templates!) on your behalf! 

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