Beauticians Website Checklist

The 10 things all beauticians websites should have to optimise conversions. This pre-launch list will help you launch your website and business with confidence.

Looking for a checklist of what your website should include to present your beauty services?  Be it for a beauticians, hair dressers, spray tanners or nail technicians website, we have compiled the full list of everything you need on your website to engage your customers and present your services in the most efficient and professional manner.


  • 1. A call-to-action: Before you do anything else, make sure you have a button, pop-up or email sign-up form that captures your visitors information. This will make sure you have a way to reach out to them after they leave your site. Not everyone will book an appointment straight away, but they may enter their contact information if it gives them a discount to use at their next appointment.
  • 2. Your pricing: Data shows that websites that are upfront about the cost of their services, receive more bookings compared to sites that require you call or contact them first. Be clear about what is included so that you eliminate anyone not willing to pay what you deserve.
  • 3. High quality photos: There’s nothing worse than visiting a website with grainy imagery. Don’t assume all of your visitors will be viewing your images on a mobile phone. Some might be at work or on their tablet, and you need crisp imagery to make sure you look professional for all viewers. Check on a large computer screen to make sure they are coming up clear. If they are blurry or pixelated, it’s time to change them.
    If they look do great but are too slow to load, you need to change the size of your image files. Simply shrink the file size and reupload the image. This may be tedious to do if you have a lot of images in your gallery, but you will thank me later when visitors stop dropping off your site while waiting for images to load.

    4. Your contact information: Make sure this also includes opening hours and social links. With visual services, customers like to check our your latest work and a busy social media account can be great social proof that you have a large customer base who trust you.
    5. Information about yourself: An about page doesnt need to be a seperate page with your whole bio, but a short introduction installs trust and personality – people love seeing who they will be meeting in person ahead of time.

  • 5. Location, location, location: Don’t assume all of your site visitors are local to you and know where you are based. If you do home visits, make sure you list where you are willing to travel to. This will help save time when someone in another city contacts you and gets your hopes up, only to realise they are 2000km away and didn’t realise.

  • 6. Branding: Even if you don’t have a custom logo, consistent fonts, colours and photography will help your brand look professional and recognisable. We suggest investing in a small branding package if you want to expand on to your social accounts, emails and business cards.

  • 7. Reviews: Ask all of your past clients or every new customer, to leave a a review on your Facebook or google account. You can then copy this over on to your website and it’s a great way of highlighting your work ethic and personality.

  • 8. Clickable phone number: Mobile users want to be able to click directly on your phone number and be able to call you. Don’t assume just typing it in will allow this to happen, you need to make it an active link.

  • 9. A contact form: It’s 10 times faster to fill in a contact form than to copy someones e-mail address, go to the mail app, type an email and send it… reduce this barrier by having a short contact form that users can fill out to make a booking or request more information.
  1. 10. Google Analytics: How will you know how many people are visiting your website, or not sticking around long enough to find out what you do? Install Google Analytics to track your user experience and figure out when they are leaving your site. If it’s too early, it might be because of imagery loading time, site speed, or lack of clear messaging and design.

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