3 tips to DIY your Website Copy

So you’ve started your own business, refined your services and pricing, and even started bringing in a steady flow of customers. Now you’ve realised your website isn’t up to scratch, and that while relaunching a new design may be the fun part, you still need some text to go with that design… Unfortunately, custom copywriting isn’t always within budget (and the same with custom websites, which is why we launched The Site Shop in the first place!), but we’re here to show you that you can do an amazing job all by yourself!

Tip 1: Start with the right design, layout and order of content.
When you know what information you need to include, and where, the task of writing your own copy becomes much less daunting. Whether you decide to go fully DIY and tackle the template route, or make your life easier and get a ready-to-launch website custom made for your industry, follow the order of content that comes with the site. All of our websites have been designed with specific industries in mind, which means they have all of the copy sections you need, in the right order and the right place. This makes it easier to know how long each piece of information should be and what it should include.

Tip 2: Know who you are talking about.
By the time you are ready to take the leap and get yourself a professional website, you should know who your ideal client is. Is she a young, fun 20 year old who you could be talking to in the same way you talk to your best friend? Is it a business man who only has time to skim your website before he makes the call? Either way, make sure your headlines are always a statement that have value on their own. You won’t make a connection if all of your best copy is hidden in a newspaper style chunk of paragraphs. 

Tip 3: Set a desired outcome for your website.
Do you want people to purchase a product, sign up for a free consultation or subscribe to a newsletter? Just learning more about you doesn’t make your sales go up. Set specific routes you want your audience to take, so that you can lead them there in your copy (in pop-ups, call to action buttons or forms) and track where they are dropping off of your website. 

Still not sure where to start but can’t afford custom copy?
Ask a copywriter to just do your home or about page. This will help you explain what you do, define your tone of voice and figure our exactly who you are talking to. You can then take snippets of this text and edit them for each section of the website, creating a consistent message and giving you that little push you need to write the copy for the rest of your website. Here are The Site Shop, all of our ready-to-go websites are designed specifically for individual industries and come with a checklist of copy we need from you. If you get stuck, we offer custom copywriting with a fixed rate per page depending on your needs. Take a look at the site that suits your business and get in touch to learn how we can help you get on your way to writing the rest of the sites content. 

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